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Hot Dip Galvanized & PVC coated Fence

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Hot Dip Galvanized & PVC coated Fence



Height: 1.9m 


Mesh size:65*130mm 

Wire Diameter: 5mm

4 x creases 


1. Material:High quality steel wire with hot dip galvanized + Spray
2. Colour: natural, green, white or customized
3. Fence dimension: 

    Height: 800-1500mm or customized;

    Length: 2000mm or customized;

    Net: 50*100 mm, 100*100mm or customized

    Diamenter of wire: 3.6mm  or customized

4. Duration: 10 years.

5. Fence post: circle or square

6. Fence gate:  single gate ( people come in) and double gate ( car come in)







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