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Fence for Solar System

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Fence for Solar System





Structure: weaved and welded, using low carbon steel wires, fixed the linking accessories and steel pipe. 


Features: high strength, good steel nature capacity, wonderfull shape, wild field of vision, easy to install, feel comfortable and bright



Uses: triangle defending mesh is mainly used in municipal greenfield, flowerbed, workpalce greenfield road, airport, harbor green field etc. The products have beautiful shape, various colors, not only have the effect of defending, but also beautifying.





1. Material:High quality steel wire with hot dip galvanized + Spray

2. Colour: natural, green, white or customized

3. Fence dimension: 
    Height: 800-1500mm or customized;
    Length: 2000mm or customized;
    Net: 50*100 mm, 100*100mm or customized
    Diamenter of wire: 3.6mm  or customized

4. Duration: 10 years.

5. Fence post: circle or square

6. Fence gate:  single gate ( people come in) and double gate ( car come in)










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