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Aluminum Z Bracket


Aluminum Z Bracket for Home Solar Power System



Made from strong aluminium and supplied with 4 bolts for attaching them to the panel. Surface fixing not supplied and the surface type should be considered when choosing how to affix.
These mounts are ideal for any of our panels. Most suited to fixing to bolted or screw surfaces, wood or brick etc.
Can be used on vehicles with bond where the panel is small or the pressures are low, ie boats or static vehicles.
38mm long and hold the panel 25mm from the face of the fixing surface. This enables good air flow which enable the panel to work as efficiently as possible. 







Material: Al 6005-T5, Anodized.
Pre-assembled with bolts and washers.
Ideal for mounting small solar panels.
Mount panels to recreational vehicles or boats
Perfect for irregular surfaces.








Modle No. Description
TP-LKR01 Aluminum mounting brackets 4pc;
TP-LKR02 Aluminum mounting brackets 4pc;
TP-LKR03 Aluminum mounting brackets 4pc;



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