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Manufacture Solar Cable Clips

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Manufacture Solar Cable Clips
We are from China
Now we have 6 pcs automatic production machine for solar cable clip.
it can use for 25 years

Made with corrosion resistant 304 stainless         

-  Steel or spring grade stainless steel.   

-  Dual or four wire compartments.

-  Wide variety of mounting configurations.

-  Accommodation for a broad range of cable combinations and sizes (e.g., PV, AC module and micro inverter cables).

-  Special tab for easy installation & removal without any tool.

-  Coined edges to prevent damage to cable  insulation.

Now we have 6 pcs automatic production machine for solar cable clip.
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Machine for Solar cable clips
Solar Cable Clips are smart designs for fixing cables on solar panels shall not lay on roofs or floors with clips, which simplify wire management and create a cleaner aesthetic to solar PV arrays.

Cable clips are made of stainless steel SUS304, which makes them durable, long lasting and reliable solution for all environments. The design is easy to install and can be reused.

Cable clips can be used in wide variety of mounting configurations for module and rail applications.

Customs designs and package available upon request for OEM.

Contact me to get samples

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