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  • Product Name: Grounding Lug
  • Modle No.: TP-F01
  • Install Site:
  • Tilt Angle:
  • Building Height:
  • Max Wind Speed up to:
  • Snow Load up to:
  • Standards:
  • Material:
  • Color:
  • Anti-corrosive:
  • Warranty:
  • Duration More than:
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Grounding Lug and Clip


1. Description:



  1) Material: stainless steel SUS304


  2) Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized


  3) Application: solar system connection components


  4) Specification: as per customer's requirement.


  5) Further processing: turning punching, drilling, cutting, bending, planning etc


    TP grounding system designs with great flexbility both for commercial and residential system. It is suitable for installating framed and frameless modules flushed to the ground. TP series product have the innovated design of TP rail and D module make the installation more easily and quickly. High pre-assembly parts and customized solution to save your install time and money.


2. Specification:
Tripsolar has developed and produced several kinds of solar panel grounding clip to cater and meet customers' needs. Various items make it possible to creat and adapt to the diverse pv system and modules. Tripsolar has accurated to within millimer but the products are of abosolutely delicacy.





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