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Tripsolar is the High-tech enterprise specializing in solar mounting system solutions,solar mounting bracket and solar roof mounting brackets.


Floating solar panel support structure has a bright future. Tripsolar floating solar structure is a type of solar energy system that is designed to be installed on water bodies, such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, or other bodies of water. These structures provide a unique and innovative solution for generating clean, renewable energy, especially in areas where land space is limited or unavailable.Our floating solar structures can help to reduce water evaporation from the water body, the reflective surface of the water can enhance the energy output of the solar panels by reflecting sunlight onto the panels, increasing their efficiency. Tripsolar is the best floating solar structure manufacturers in China, our floating solar mounting system can greatly save land resources and will not have too much impact on the aquatic environment. Floating solar structures can help to reduce the amount of land required for solar energy systems, making them an ideal solution for urban areas with limited land availability.

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