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Solar Panel Water Drainage Clips

Solar Panel Water Drainage Clips

30mm 35mm 40mm Solar Panel Water Drainage Clips,PV Modules Cleaning Clips for Water Drain Photovoltaic Panel Water Drain Clips


-Auto Remove Stagnant Water

-Increase power generation to prove the lifespan of solar panels.

-Easy installation. Automatically buckle the solar panel frame.

-Polymer material, anti-aging, high/low temperature resistance, long-term outdoor use

-Suitable for solar panel frame thickness: 30mm,35mm,40mm

-Solar Panel Cleaning Clip is a rectangular self-adhesive strip made of polymer, which contains water-inducing agent. Just stick it to the frame of the photovoltaic module, There is no need to make any adjustments to the components. When it rains, it will automatically guide the mud water accumulated at the lower edge of the frame over the frame and flow out, and it will be discharged at the stage of mud water formation!

-By test , it was found that the water accumulation and dust accumulation along the border of the components of the mud belt after the water guide glue was installed was basically eliminated, the power generation gain increased from 2% to 10%.

How to install?

-The drainage adhesive tape is made of a polymer with excellent weather resistance and has a long outdoor life. First, make the whole surfaces of the PV panels clean, and clasped the water clip to the bottom edge of the panels , and don't tilt it, so it is OK, if it rains again, there will be no mud zone.

-In order to prevent stepping on the panel glass, you can use the photovoltaic panel protection mat.

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