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4 Things You Need to Know About Fixed Tilt Solar Mounting

4 Things You Need to Know About Fixed Tilt Solar Mounting


Although tracked solar systems have become a trend in recent years, a significant portion of large utility solar capacity still has fixed-tilt solar mounting bracket systems installed.

What is a fixed tilt system?

Fixed tilt angle solar mounting bracket systems can be placed at a fixed tilt angle, which is usually the optimal tilt angle, allowing it to absorb the most sunlight. This solar mounting system is suitable for ground or roof. It is easy to design, install and maintain.

The amount of electricity produced by a fixed-tilt solar mount system depends on the orientation of the solar panels relative to the sun. Solar panels collect solar radiation more efficiently when the sun's rays are perpendicular to them. Therefore, the tilt angle of the fixed tilt solar panel should be designed according to the geographical location. For example, in low latitudes, such as Hawaii, where the sun is higher in the sky, solar panels do not need much direct sunlight; but in high latitudes, such as Minnesota, where the sun is lower in the sky, solar panels usually Install at a greater inclination to receive direct sunlight.

Fixed Tilt Solar Shelves VS Tracking System

It can be seen that solar power tracking systems have been increasingly installed in solar power plants in recent years. Sun-tracking systems are more expensive than fixed-tilt systems, but they can generate more energy by tracking the sun's path across the sky. In addition, the tracking system is suitable for large-scale solar power plants in low latitude areas, and the fixed tilt racking system is suitable for medium and large-scale solar power plants with a wide latitude range. Still, a large percentage of solar power plants have fixed tilt racking systems installed because it requires less maintenance, less manpower, and less installation costs.

Where can fixed tilt mounting systems be installed?

According to the installation location, the fixed inclined racking system can be divided into two types: the ground fixed inclined solar mounting system or the roof fixed inclined racking system.

A ground mounted solar system is a solar array that can be mounted on the ground via posts or ground screws. It is easier to place than rooftop solar racking systems. Especially for large facilities, fixed tilt systems can provide significant cost savings in terms of assembly time due to the lower number of columns that need to be placed. Different frames and different module arrangements also guarantee a cost-effective selection of materials optimized for the desired configuration. However, it may require more racking than a rooftop solar racking system.

Advantages of Fixed Tilt Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

The problems of rotating racks and high maintenance costs do not occur with fixed-tilt solar panel mounting bracket systems. They are simple, inexpensive and powerful; they are by far the most common choice for roof and ground applications. Let me tell you the advantages of a fixed tilt solar system.

● Cost-effective

The cost of installing a fixed solar mount is a fraction of the cost of installing a similarly sized solar tracking system, which will save you a lot of money at a large commercial solar plant. In addition, the fixed solar panel mounting bracket system requires less installation cost and maintenance cost, which can save you a lot of money.

In contrast, installing a solar tracking system is more complicated, requires more equipment, and can be costly. The complexity of sun trackers makes installation more challenging and requires more maintenance, which can significantly increase costs in the long run.

● Easy to install and maintain

The simple design of the fixing bracket makes the installation work easy and less expensive. This allows the installer to install with fewer tools and take less time. Compared with the fixed bracket, the tracking system is more complicated in structural design and components, and requires the installer to have professional installation knowledge and rich experience. On the other hand, trackers require regular maintenance or repairs, especially for motorized parts. For fixed-tilt solar bracket systems, annual inspections and maintenance are sufficient to ensure optimum power output.

● more durable

Fixed solar mounting systems are more durable than tracking systems. It can then withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snow and heavy rain.


Fixed tilt solar brackets systems are the easiest and most durable solar mounts available. It can be installed on the ground or roof at an angle. Please feel free to contact Tripsolar solar mounting system manufacturers if you have any needs for fixed tilt solar panel racks. We have a variety of fixed tilt solar mounts to choose from, and custom designs are also available.

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